Domestic Violence Awareness at The University of Michigan
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Project Team

Project Team Members

Greg Harden, Associate Director

Center for the Education of Women
Susan Kaufmann, Associate Director for Advocacy; co-chair
Kristine Vliet, Psychology Undergraduate

Counseling and Psychological Services
Rachel Crutchfield, Counselor

Health System Abuse Prevention Initiative
Jeff Sander, Director

Health System Human Resources
Kathleen Robertson, Manager, Employee Assistance Program

Hospital Security
Marilyn Hollier, Director of Hospital Security and Associate Director of Public Safety
Lynetta Smith, Lead Security Communications Officer
LaTreece Taylor, Hospital Security Investigator

Teresa Oesterle, Associate Director of Housing and Director, Housing Security
Miriam Rosado, Assistant Director, Northwood Community Apartments

Human Resources
Kathleen Donohoe, Associate Director of Human Resources for Strategy, Planning and Policy; co-chair
Tom Waldecker, Director, Faculty and Staff Assistance Program

College of Literature, Science and the Arts
Diane Benson, Senior Human Resource Representative

Michigan Student Assembly Women's Issues Commission
Rachel Kalayjian, Chair; LS&A Undergraduate

Department of Public Safety
Margie Pillsbury, Police Officer
Ryan Cavanaugh, Police Officer

Rackham Graduate School
Darlene Ray-Johnson, Director, Graduate Student Affairs

Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness Center
Holly Rider-Milkovich, Director
Amy Burandt, Assistant Director for Direct Services
Marie Cope, Advocate
Crosby Modrowski, Student Staff, NPA Network (also with SafeHouse, Kids Club)

School of Social Work
Prof. Richard Tolman
Nicole Williams, Student

Spectrum Center
represented by Holly Rider-Milkovich

Office of Student Conflict Resolution
Jay Wilgus

University Health Service
Kellie Carbone, Healthy Eating & Body Image Health Educator

Campus Partners

Building Services
John Lawter, Associate Director of Building and Grounds Services
John Gleason, Custodial Services Manager

Office of Plant Director
William McAllister, Garage Senior Supervisor

Community Partners

State of Michigan Department of Human Services Domestic Violence Prevention and Treatment Board
Joyce Wright, Director of Training

SafeHouse Center
Barbara Niess May, Executive Director

Alternatives to Domestic Aggression, Washtenaw County Catholic Social Services
David Garvin, Executive Director