Domestic Violence Awareness at The University of Michigan
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Responding to an Abuser

While reaching out to a suspected survivor of domestic violence may be difficult, reaching out to a person suspected of being abusive may be even harder. Calling someone on his or her abusive behaviors may be the hardest thing you ever have to do. It could also be the most compassionate. By speaking to a friend, family member, or co-worker about abusive behaviors, you could save someone's life. While survivors sometimes use force in self-defense, these suggestions are meant to address people who engage in recurring patterns of coercive and/or violent behavior with the goal of controlling their partners.

When you speak to an abuser:

If a colleague, friend or relative tells you that he/she has been violent at home, the following comments are helpful responses.

Help is available.

If you believe there is imminent danger, call 911.

University employees who are abusive in their relationships can be referred to the University of Michigan Health System Employee Assistance Program (734-763-3409) or to the Faculty and Staff Assistance Program (734-936-8660) on the Ann Arbor main campus.

Alternatives to Domestic Aggression of Catholic Social Services of Washtenaw is an intervention program for people who use violence in their intimate relationships. They can be reached at 734-971-9781.

Additional resources are available in the Regional Resources section of the Abuse Hurts website or from the Batterers Intervention Provider Standards Compliance Council.